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November 1, 2011 1

The Thrift

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It’s been a while since I’ve shared my thrifting finds. Rest assured, I have been thrifting. In fact, I found two clocks and a medium sized globe just yesterday. I have two larger vintage globes and have been searching for smaller ones to add to the family. I was really excited about this guy. I’ve […]

April 10, 2011 7

Pyrex Picture Day

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I’ve been waiting for a sunny day to take pictures of my Pyrex collection and today was perfect. It feels like forever since Pittsburgh has seen a day this nice, long enough for me to forget about the loud motorcycle gangs that roam the summer streets, ruining my peace and quiet. This pattern is known […]

March 19, 2011 2

The Thrift

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Today I picked up this little cutie, a Sabre 620 plastic camera. I have a small and specific vintage Pyrex collection, mostly promotional patterns, and this Dandelion/Duet divided dish was recently added to my list of necessary additions. When I saw it out of the corner of my eye hiding on a dark shelf, I […]

February 8, 2011 0

For shame

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There should be some sort of punishment for abusing furniture in this manner. Or for using a sponge to apply paint to anything.

February 6, 2011 2

The Thrift

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The perfect Saturday begins with sleeping in and typically involves thrifting. I have my favorite places and each is a pretty well kept secret. I have a three to four thrift stores and then an antique mall routine. I only took pictures at the antique mall to share and I know that shopping there is […]

October 21, 2010 0

The Creeps

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There are a lot of things living creepy lives in thrift stores and antique marts. I’ve been visiting that bear for months, always surprised that he’s still there, looking like he’s just seen something unspeakably horrible. Or he’s been caught doing something even worse. Or he just saw you naked. Unsettling, and yet, I want […]