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Kate Zeremba Wallpaper for Chasing Paper

June 15, 2016

Designer Kate Zaremba has collaborated with Chasing Paper to release a limited edition collection of 5 wallpapers. I love wallpaper. The right pattern can transform and add perfect polish to a room. Once in a while I see a pattern I can’t get over. I spotted the blush tone Flora pattern on the Home Is Where The Hart Is Instagram last week and fell in love.

It’s so perfect it almost hurts. Picture that above classic black and white tile in a bathroom. It is everything.

She’s got some other truly strong patterns. Here are two more of my favorites:

Bright Eyes. I’m into the idea of putting a million eyes on someone while the use the bathroom.

Swansy. So dramatic and elegant. Love.

I would snap up Flora in a second it’s not quite in my budget yet. I’ve got the perfect project for it though, it would be stunning. Internet, are you out there? Get a girl a discount!

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DIY Minimalist Hanging Photo Display

May 19, 2016

There’s a certain minimalist/bauhaus inspired wall hanging photo display showing up in the most stylish home photos. The original is beautifully designed, simple, clean and made of brass. I love it but it’s pricey and I can’t quite justify the purchase, so DIY it is.

My version features a reversible weight with a choice of wood or faux marble. The faux marble bit is made with Sculpey and you can even make a few versions and switch them out, just use double sided tape or thin velcro to attach the Sculpey to wood.

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Mid-Century without Kitsch

April 13, 2016

Mid-century furniture is a staple in most stylish homes. Simple mid-century pieces can work with nearly any decor style, the key is choosing the right pieces and knowing which to avoid. Unless you’re into time capsule living (no shade), I recommend avoiding “atomic” pieces. To achieve a more elegant and elevated look, choose materials like real wood, leather and velvet over plastics and vinyl. Remember that the tapered leg is a mid century gift that should be used in moderation. I’ve put together an eclectic and a minimal look to show how mid-century pieces lend themselves to each modern style.

[sconce / bolster pillow / kuba cloth pillows / framed print / sofa / rug / chair / credenza / coffee table]

This mid-century modern look leans eclectic with the traditional rug, rich emerald velvet sofa, rattan coffee table base and hammered details on the credenza. The mud cloth pillows add a graphic element and tie in the black and white accents. All these things are dying to be paired with tons and tons of plants. I’d kill them all. I’m sorry, plants.

[floor lamp / framed print / mobile / credenza / sofa / rug / coffee table / chair]

So clean, so modern, so light and fresh — it speaks to my soul. This look is anchored by a teak framed sofa and a gorgeous credenza on a metal base. Clean, structured lines are easy to find in mid-century pieces and pair so well with modern objects. I’ve got heart eyes all over for that blush geometric rug and leather sling chair.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Chairish to participate in their Mid-Century Modern Mood Board Challenge.

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

April 8, 2016

  • Poketo keeps getting better and better and I love that they’re working with designers like Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Their most recent collaboration is this stunning Marble iPad Stand. There are few tech accessories out there that are beautiful to look at and even fewer stand alone as art objects. The fine materials used — marble, brass and wood — along with impeccable design, make this sculpture in itself.
  • Techies Project is a much needed project focused on sharing the stories of the underrepresented faces in tech.
  • Etsy’s new Pattern service lets you turn your shop into a website that’s more you and less Etsy.
  • The resurgence of winter weather on the East Coast has me craving curry.

The above is a list of my favorite bits of the internet from this past week. I <3 the internet.

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Wallpaper Time Capsule

April 7, 2016

I had the great fortune of seeing a fabulous old Pittsburgh home stuck in a time where wallpaper was king and all carpet was green. It is a truly beautiful home that I wish I could have seen furnished, as I’m sure it was absolutely fantastic.

Nothing gets me like this silver mylar printed with green fern fronds.

Yesss lobster light. Live. Your. Life.

I would live here in a minute.

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It’s me, I’m Back

April 5, 2016

It has been more than 2 years since my last post. Where did I go? What have I been doing?

Things that have happened:

  • I started drinking coffee.
  • I lead the design and development of Parabo Press.
  • I got new glasses.
  • We did a lot of house hunting.
  • I killed at least 5 plants.
  • I turned 30! And Andy threw me my first ever surprise party.
  • I sprained my ankle during a snowboarding lesson.
  • I briefly participated in the gray hair trend. My hair is still recovering.
  • I grew out my bangs for the first time in 20 years.
  • Penelope continues to be cute.

I’m back because I want to share my thoughts, ideas, inspiration and photos with other people again. My brain is getting crowded. I upgraded the old blog with a brand new outfit (I know, it’s called a theme) from Solo Pine. It’s so pretty and is a great reflection of how my style has evolved and been elevated. You’ll still find almost all my old posts here, some have aged better than others.

Thanks for being here.


Nails, Nails, Nails

January 5, 2014

I’ve been so bad at sharing my nail art with you guys. Truth is, I was in a bit of a nail slump (lots of totally boring one-color nails) until I came across Small Good Things and her circle and triangle nails and brilliant DIY nail decals. A good color scheme is important – 4 colors or less is a good bet – and you can’t go wrong with circles, triangles and dots. Here’s to the end of the slump!

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