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    18 Black Chairs to Pair with the IKEA MOCKELBY Dining Table

    October 28, 2020

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    IKEA MOCKELBY Dining Table with black wooden chairs

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    Although I knew I wanted the IKEA MOCKELBY table for the cabin’s dining nook as soon as we got the cabin, picking the right chairs to go with it has been a tougher call. When I posted about our new dining table, I was so glad to hear other folks have and love the table, letting me know that it has held up for years and refreshes easily with oil. The MOCKELBY has fantastic lines, is very solid and sturdy, has a thick oak wood veneer,  is a sizable 92″ long, and is well priced at less than $700 – that sounds like a car commercial but really,  I recommend it (and we paid for it ourselves).

    Another reason why I’m such a fan of this table is that it a bit of a style chameleon. It’s as at home in a minimalist space or modern traditional settings as it is in our Japandi dining nook – it’s all up to which chairs you pair it with.

    And (spoiler alert) you may have noticed in the photo above, we have chairs now! We can sit and eat at our dining table! Long story short, I scooped up an incredible set of chairs at the Anthro Home Outlet when I had to crawl back for just one more roll of wallpaper for the en-suite project. A couple of the chairs have some pretty good scuffs but at $70-100 each (priced according to damage, regularly $248), I couldn’t pass them up.

    So many of you were excited to see what chairs we ended up with, and I looked at what feels like 100s over the last few months. If you’re considering this table too, I’ve curated a collection of MOCKELBY chair pairings for you. From plastic molded chairs to modern Windsors, and a few styles in between, I hope there’s something here you like.

    Molded Plastic Black Dining Chairs | $23 – $219

    Ikea mockelby paired with 6 molded plastic chair options

    [ 1. Decade Plastic Chair | 2. Svelti | 3. Shell Chair | 4. Shell Chair with Cushion | 5. Poppy Black Plastic Chair | 6. Curved Back Chair ]

    If you’re looking for something modern, super easy to clean, and affordable, plastic chairs are a great choice. The BluDot Decade Plastic Chair (made from recycled plastic, stackable!) was our #1 pick for the cabin until fate put other chairs in my hands.

    Modern Windsor Black Dining Chairs | $80 – $299

    Ikea Mockelby dining table black windsor chair pairings

    [ 1. Black Rus Oak Chair | 2. Linden Chair | 3. Teo Chair | 4. Cody Chair | 5.  Paton Chair | 6. Captains Dining Chair ]

    You really can’t go wrong with a modern Windsor. These spindle-backed chairs are classic and make a great choice for a modern traditional pairing with the MOCKELBY table.

    Open Back and Wishbone-Inspired Black Dining Chairs | $170 – $249

    ikea mockelby black wishbone dining chair pairings

    [ 1. Heritage Dining Chair | 2. Westan Chair | 3. Black Oak Chair  | 4. Bentham Chair | 5. Wishbone Chair | 6. Wynnbrook Chair ]

    On the pricier end of things in this roundup, these open back and wishbone-inspired chairs are, for lack of a better term, really good. Solid wood (except for number 6, which is metal) these have beautiful lines and curves. Any of these chairs would give your MOCKELBY the perfect Scandinavian look: modern with good details.

    anthropologie heritage dining chair detail

    I’m going to touch up the scuffs with black paint, which will be great to have on hand for future damage. It’s easier to accept that bad things happen to good furniture when you buy it already just a little messed up. And that’s the charm of outlet and second-hand shopping. This chair has such a good shape and is so much better in person. And, just like me, it has a nice wide seat. Perfect.

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