Dallas and the Spiral Diner

January 21, 2011


I didn’t know it could get this cold in Texas. It’s in the 30s and I’m helpless without my parka. The weather is much worse in Pittsburgh where a snow storm is ruining everything. We left on January 9th and are set to return tomorrow, but the snow may have other plans for us. I just want to go home and see my handsome boyfriend.  Please, please, please just let me go home.

If you thought I was going to post without talking about and showing you things I’ve eaten, YOU WERE SO WRONG.

There aren’t a lot of vegan restaurants in Dallas, Texas. Spiral Diner is one of the few and is definitely the best. The Nachos Supremo were excellent, a very close second place to Real Food Daily‘s Not-Chos and possibly better for not having the punny name. This is where I had the best sandwich of my life. Called “The Mitch” Tofu Club, it is sandwich perfection made of two slices of toasted bread, a perfectly thin layer of lightly breaded tofu, Bacun bits, chipotle mayo, lettuce, and a nice thick slice of bread in the middle. I added Daiya cheese and said no to the tomato.


I’m embarrassed to mention that we went on Wednesday and returned tonight (Thursday) for another go. This time we skipped the nachos so our entrees would have a fair chance. I ordered the perfect sandwich again and, driven by pure determination and bliss, finished nearly the whole thing. Marne’s eyes sparkled with pride. What you see above is a Hot Cookie Sundae, completely delicious, and proof that I’m a monster.

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