June 18, 2011


Poor blog, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. The thing is, I’ve been spending all my time with Sam-soon. If you haven’t heard of it, My Lovely Sam-Soon (or My Name is Sam-Soon) is an extremely popular Korean drama circa 2005. And it’s amazing. I cannot thank Chris and Emily enough both for introducing me to this show and for their patience while I blow up their Facebook walls with Sam-soon specific enthusiasm.

Basically, our girl Kim Sam-soon is 29, Korean chubby, clumsy, and unlucky in love. All girlfriend really needs is a good bra and some decent footwear. Love is won and lost, there’s a lot of dramatic wrist grabbing, and many people are beaten with purses. Not to mention one WILD family karaoke scene. And I’ll never get over Sam-soon hiking up a mountain in wind and rain, yelling to herself the whole time.

You may not know that I am 1/4 Korean, but it’s true. My grandmother was a tiny Korean woman with blunt manners (“Aah you look good, not so FAT”) and a healthy temper. Watching all 16 hours of this show really made me miss her.

I’ll end by pointing out what a dream boat Sam-soon’s piece Hyun Jin-heon is. Oh, Heonny.

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