September 29, 2011

After Paris, Andy flew back home and Marne and I continued on to London. Our friends Molly and Phil happened to be visiting at the same time and staying with their friend Nikola who was kind enough to show us around the city. We didn’t have much time in there, just two short days, but on our first day we saw a few of the “must see” sights that people say you should see. Instagram was there to capture the memories for me when I was too lazy to carry my camera around.

On day two, we ate some really amazing food at Mildred’s, got our nails painted elaborately at WAH Nails, and went on a Jack the Ripper walking tour. I couldn’t see much on the walking tour because I am so short and because none of the murder sites are still standing, but I did get a nice look at several people’s backs and shoulders and listened to some pretty graphic murder descriptions. Would tour again.

London is an amazing place and I wish I had taken more pictures. I’ll be back though, someday, and I can’t wait.

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