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Kate Zeremba Wallpaper for Chasing Paper

June 15, 2016

Designer Kate Zaremba has collaborated with Chasing Paper to release a limited edition collection of 5 wallpapers. I love wallpaper. The right pattern can transform and add perfect polish to a room. Once in a while I see a pattern I can’t get over. I spotted the blush tone Flora pattern on the Home Is Where The Hart Is Instagram last week and fell in love.

It’s so perfect it almost hurts. Picture that above classic black and white tile in a bathroom. It is everything.

She’s got some other truly strong patterns. Here are two more of my favorites:

Bright Eyes. I’m into the idea of putting a million eyes on someone while the use the bathroom.

Swansy. So dramatic and elegant. Love.

I would snap up Flora in a second it’s not quite in my budget yet. I’ve got the perfect project for it though, it would be stunning. Internet, are you out there? Get a girl a discount!

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