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January 14, 2018

Record Shelves with Vintage Rug

I love rugs. Shopping for rugs is one of my greatest joys and as my home is almost all set with rugs, I’m still shopping for rugs to fill rooms I don’t have. ECarpetGallery is one of my favorite sources for affordable traditional and kilim rugs.

They have rugs that are vintage and rugs that just look like great vintage finds. Shopping for affordable traditional-looking rugs can be a bit of a crap-shoot because you find machine-made rugs that have patterns printed onto them rather than hand-woven out of colored yarns. Printed rugs look good from far away but often look pixelated or just cheap close up so my advice is to avoid them if you can.

Shopping for rugs online is a bit scary too because shipping fees are so high and returns can be a nightmare. Ecarpetgallery ships for free (US & Canada) but they do charge a return shipping fee based on rug size. I have ordered rugs both large and small from EcarpetGallery and even returned a big ol’ 9′ x 12′ during my great living room rug decision. The return fee was $80 (looks like the fee has gone up to $120 for a rug of this size according to their site) and they scheduled a FedEx pick up at my house. My other favorite thing is that you can often haggle down the price of a rug over chat – bargain hunting introverts rejoice!

This is not a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
Rounded Entryway Door with Kilim Rug
My first order was this rug for $47 from the clearance section. Can you believe this cutie was rolling around unwanted on sale? It’s a great colorway with deep pinks paired with navy and looks so good in our entryway.

Pink and cream kilim rug with corgi
After grabbing that first rug, I spotted this cream and pink kilim on sale for only $35. It’s the perfect size for our staircase landing and Penelope likes to sit on it while she waits for me to carry her down the stairs.

Traditional rug in living room with wood panel fireplace surround

This is the same rug from the top of the post. While the other rugs I’ve purchas were new, this one is vintage. I haggled down the price to $530 from somewhere around $700 on sale. The rug had been cleaned but had a bit of an old rug smell to it. Andy sprinkled baking soda and lemon essential oil on it, let it set, and vacuumed it up a few times to help neutralize the smell. Our living room is long and zoned into a record listening space and a lounging, netflix watching space. I paired this blue and coral rug with our more neutral morrocan-style rug and I think the two work together well.

Traditional Persian or Turkish rugs often have a lot of red in them, but I like to look for styles in more modern colorways to suit my home. I search for rugs with pink, blue or green as the primary color and have found some real stunners. There’s a pretty great sale going on right now and I’ve picked some of my favorites for you – ready to go shopping?

6 Traditional Rugs in Modern Colors

[ 1. 5×7 Antique Shiravan in Salmon + Tan $336 on sale | 2. 5×7 Antique Shiravan in Navy + Salmon $336 on sale | 3. 5×7 Melis in Navy + Salmon $336 on sale | 4. 5×8 Peshawar Bokhara Dark Teal $325 on sale | 5. 4×6 Antique Shiravan in Teal $213 on sale | 6. 5×9 Anatolian in Dark Blue + Copper $349 on sale ]

Wooow. If you wanna scoop of any of these rugs, get on it. The sale is running through 1/16 and be sure you’ve got the coupon code ‘CLEARANCE‘ applied to get the best price. Thanks for shopping with me!

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