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November 13, 2019

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Moody Green Bedroom Walls with Blanket Ladder

[Image of our guest bedroomBlanket Ladder | Dresser | Lamp ]

It’s blanket ladder season which means it’s also BLANKET SEASON. I am at my happiest cuddled under a blanket on the sofa, watching Schitt’s Creek or maybe Castle Rock if I’m feeling brave. When it comes to picking a throw blanket to bring into your life (and your home) there are times for subtle textures and reserved plaids. And then there are times for bold looks, unexpected patterns, and grouchy animals. Now is that time, this is that post.

Below are my picks for bold throw blankets that could totally double as wall art.

8 Bold Pattern and Statement Throw Blankets

Bold pattern throw blankets

[ 1. Peyote Throw | 2. Arlo Throw | 3.  Playscape Throw | 4. Minna Abstract Throw | 5. Spencer Throw | 6. Norden Geo Copper Throw | 7. SanJunipero Throw | 8. Cat Throw ]

I am really in a peach, rust, and beige mood this season – with a good dose of moody green thrown in, of course. These colors are really deep in my brain as I think about the design direction for the cabin. I hope to also bring a more modern touch to the cabin with a healthy dose of weird. Every home should have a hint (or more) of somethin’ unexpected.

mid century dresser modern traditional bedroom

[Image from our main bedroom]

Same blanket ladder, different spot.  If you’re worried you can’t mix a bold, slightly goofy accent in your home, YOU CAN. You can mix traditional with modern. You can put a weird cat throw in a victorian house. Just consider the color palette and scale of the pattern and make sure there’s some cohesive thread through it all – even if that common thread is simply that you like it.

What other cozy, or statement, or weird picks can I round-up for you?

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