Cabin Tour: A Look at the Loft, Outdoor Sauna, & More

December 16, 2019

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Stone fireplace with holiday garland

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I’ve made you wait long enough, it’s time for MORE CABIN CONTENT. Today I’m gonna show you the cabin’s loft area (with commentary and scattered thoughts throughout) plus a quick photo tour of our outdoor sauna, shower, and fire pit. One of the many things that sold us on this house are the outdoor amenities. Can’t believe I typed that and watch out, I’m gonna use that phrase a lot because we have OUTDOOR AMENITIES. A nice fire pit was a wishlist item when we were cabin shopping but we never dreamed of an outdoor sauna and outdoor shower. And it’s all landscaped and hardscaped so nicely, which is perfect for us because we are not very talented with outdoor design.

Let’s get into it!

Cabin Loft Floor Plan

a-frame loft floor plan

Here’s a simple SketchUp floor plan for you so you can more easily map out the following photos in your head. It’s a pretty open, simple space. The sale of the house included almost all the furniture, so you’ll see it all in the photos. The multi-use space is currently furnished with twin beds, a sofa, an ottoman, a secretary desk, and a tall dresser.

Cabin Loft Photo Tour

Cabin a-frame loft view looking towards windows

This view from the loft is so good. It gives you just a little bit of the mountain view through all those fantastic wood beams. I’m picturing a sconce upgrade on that beam and a modern ceiling fan.

Triangle windows at side of cabin

To the left of the previous view is another set of windows.

Triangle windows in loft living room

Another, almost the same, view because I love this nook so much.

Twin bed near triangle windows in cabin loft

And another because why not. In this view you can see the knee wall and sloped ceiling where the twin beds live.

Triangle windows and ceiling fan in cabin loft

The light in here is so good. There’s so much potential here, we just wanna put a big bed in that nook so we can wake up to all the views.

Back view of cabin loft

And here’s the other end of things.  Behind that wall that bumps out and cuts the window in half is the powder room. The previous owners added the powder room within the last 5-10 years.

Loft Powder Room

Small powder room

She’s small, she’s got a sloped ceiling, and she’s understated, but she could be so cute.

Small powder room with tiny door

The tiny door leads to a small storage nook.

Twin beds in cabin loft

Andy for scale.

Loft room overlooking kitchen

And here’s a look at how the loft looks out onto the kitchen from this angle.

Cabin Exterior Amenities

Because the loft tour was so short and sweet, I thought it’d be a good time to throw in a tour of the good ol’ outdoor amenities. I’ll be showing you the outdoor sauna, outdoor shower, and fire pit.

A-frame Outdoor Sauna

a-frame outdoor sauna building

Here’s our outdoor sauna and she’s really cute. Give ‘er a black door and a more modern lantern and she’ll be set. We just spent our first weekend at the cabin and realized we don’t have a key to the sauna! Pictures below are from when we first toured the property (with my dad, which is why you see him creepin’ in the woods in the pic above.)

Inside of outdoor sauna

It’s simple and lovely. The door in the back goes to a small shed-type space and the glass door on the left goes to the sauna portion of the building.

Wood interior of outdoor sauna

Tylo heater in outdoor sauna

I really wanted to get a better “inside of sauna” pic for you but until we get a locksmith out there, this is the least blurry photograph I have. The sauna is in brand new condition as it’s only a few years old. And the best part is there’s a switch inside the house to heat up the sauna before you head out to enjoy it.

Exterior Hardscaping

Cabin exterior stone steps

Cabin exterior hardscaping

All the outdoor amenities are joined together with paths made of pavers and stone steps. Again, landscaping and hardscaping are skills/areas where I’m completely lost, so I really appreciate all of this being so well thought out and DONE. Our tenants told us that the previous owners were fantastic gardeners and that there are so many beautiful flowers that’ll pop up in the spring.
Exterior pavers in circle with planter

Oh this? Did you spot this? I don’t know what it is. I’ve described it as an urn on a column and well, I don’t think there’s a better description. This round paver area seems destined for a better purpose than holding this planter. Maybe a round hot tub? And that’s it, I’m out of ideas.

Cabin outdoor shower

The outdoor shower lives under the deck. If you look above it and to the left, you can see some metal sheeting with a downspout that drains into the shower. This creates a dry zone under the deck for avoiding the rain on the way to the shower and also just for sitting outside peacefully in the summer rain.

Detail of outdoor shower

The outdoor shower has a river rock floor for drainage and larger stone slabs to stand on while showering. I’m not the bold type when it comes to nudity (surprise) and I’ve never used an outdoor shower, but I’m hoping to give this a go at some point. Since this is a lake house, it’s less likely that people will shower off the lake before heading inside the way they would the sand and ocean at a beach house – so I think this is largely for showering after sweating the heck out of yourself in the sauna.

Fire Pit

Cabin firepit pavers

The paver path leads to the big open fire pit. You can see the view from the fire pit in our cabin announcement post and our tour of the main floor. It’s stunning. I really can’t wait to put a set of Adirondack chairs out there and have friends over for a fire.

That’s it for now! What’s left? The lower level/basement tour will be next in our cabin tour series. And I’m also so close to sharing our initial thoughts on the main floor layout. Now that our renters (and new neighbors) have moved out and I’m recovering well from my surgery, we’ll be spending more time at the cabin and can’t wait to get started on making it our own.

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