Catching up

January 28, 2011



We made it back from Dallas safe, sound, and on time. Every time the plane passes through the clouds and Pittsburgh emerges, I feel instantly at home.


Waiting to greet me at home were a stack of birthday cards, visiting friends (with gifts!), and my handsome boyfriend. My birthday has lasted all month and it has been awesome. My friend Chris took me out for a birthday dinner this week at Smiling Banana Leaf, a tiny Thai restaurant in Highland Park. It was super tasty but a little too spicy.


Bits of our bedroom. I’m so glad to be home.


Last night I spent some time at the library scrolling through the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Pittsburgh from 1905-1906 on Microfilm. The maps show the lots and buildings existing at the time they were drawn. I’m using them as a starting point to research the genealogy of the house I’m working on (the one with the boring fireplace) and am also hoping to find out more about the building I live in while I’m at it.

Tomorrow I leave for New York City and, a few days later, Toronto. It’s going to be so cold.

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