Furnish Green

February 3, 2011


The ice storm canceled our Toronto plans but gave us the chance to stay in the city a little longer. We were able to catch up with our friend, Pittsburgh native and recent New York transplant, Tim. I was excited to learn that his new job involves furniture, and even better, old furniture. He works for Furnish Green, a small company focused on rescuing and reusing used furniture. The showroom and office are located on Broadway, not far from Herald Square, with its sister company dance studios on the same floor.

Everyone is really friendly and the space is so cozy, they were even baking cookies so the whole floor smelled amazing. Working at a place like this is one of a series of dream jobs I have filed away in my head. The Danish storage unit pictured above is on my list of dream furniture pieces and if I could have found a way to bring it home with me, it would be mine. It’s in amazing shape and I’m pretty sure I’ll have dreams about it.

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