Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

April 8, 2016

  • Poketo keeps getting better and better and I love that they’re working with designers like Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Their most recent collaboration is this stunning Marble iPad Stand. There are few tech accessories out there that are beautiful to look at and even fewer stand alone as art objects. The fine materials used — marble, brass and wood — along with impeccable design, make this sculpture in itself.
  • Techies Project is a much needed project focused on sharing the stories of the underrepresented faces in tech.
  • Etsy’s new Pattern service lets you turn your shop into a website that’s more you and less Etsy.
  • The resurgence of winter weather on the East Coast has me craving curry.

The above is a list of my favorite bits of the internet from this past week. I <3 the internet.

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