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Friday Catch Up: Working From Home Edition

March 27, 2020

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Home office with botanical wallpaper

How are you holding up? It’s been waves of calm and waves of panic and some sadness thrown in here with me. I’ve been working from home at the desk above, surrounded by our plants, for two full weeks now. As an introvert, I’m kind of built for this. Andy has been filling his Zoom meeting social calendar every evening, sometimes with back to back calls with a quick break for dinner. He has also been our grocery store hero making responsible trips (no hoarding, one trip every two weeks).

One Room Challenge News

Last month, when the world was a different place, we announced that we’d be renovating the cabin’s kitchen for the spring 2020 One Room Challenge. When the world got scary, we decided to pause on the kitchen renovation for my dad’s safety. We need his help to get make the new kitchen happen but it’s just not safe for us to see him right now. Social distancing! We were relieved that the ORC has been postponed and is tentatively scheduled to begin May 7th instead of April 1st.

We will still renovate our cabin’s kitchen, but not right now and not likely as part of the ORC. We’re going to do our part to flatten the curve until it’s safe to go out in the world for nonessential supplies and to be around my dad, and I just can’t put a timeline on that right now. I know you were all looking forward to watching the cabin kitchen renovation as much as me – it will happen as soon as it’s safe!

As for what we’ll do for the ORC, I am not sure. Because we have the privilege of still working our jobs during the week, and with the added stress of the world, we are relying on our weekends as a time to relax. I also know that I can only take so much relaxing before I dive into a project. For now, we can relive our previous One Room Challenges transformations together.

A few things that are getting me through these stressful times:

Tiger King – The internet’s favorite quarantine show is worth it – sometime’s it’s hard for me to focus on work because I’m looking forward to the evening when I’ll be able to watch more Tiger King. Disclaimer: The tiger mistreatment is hard to watch but is not the focus.

My Kyrgies slippers – These simple wool slippers have gotten me through the whole winter. I wanted something simple with no frills and these are perfect. The grippy soles keep me safe from slips on our hardwood floors. I can wear them with socks or no socks depending on how cold my little feet are.

[photo by Daniel Kanter]

Daniel Kanter’s 10 year blog anniversary and the entryway & staircase reveal – I’ve been following Daniel Kanter since Anna of DoorSixteen first shared his desk DIY. His desk DIY influenced me to go to IKEA, buy the same hairpin-style legs and spray paint them black, just like Daniel. 10 years later, I’m suddenly working from home again, spending my days at that same desk. If you follow Daniel, you’ve been watching his highs and lows and extremely relatable struggles while he painstakingly removed paint from his stair treads and labored over every inch of his home’s entryway. It turned out beautifully.

Helping. I called our older and immunocompromised neighbors before things started getting crazy to offer our help picking up groceries or any supplies they needed. Just yesterday they took us up on the offer and sent a list – Andy braved Sam’s Club to find nearly everything they needed. Our sweet neighbors even called to make sure we knew where to find everything. There was no toilet paper. Please, people, leave some toilet paper for other people.

bombabird mug

Bombabird Mugs and coffee at home – Staying home means drinking out of my favorite mugs every day, formally a practice reserved for leisurely weekends. We’ve built a small collection of Bombabird mugs and we treasure them.

Thanks for being here. Stay safe at home.

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