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7 Really Good Things on Etsy Right Now

March 16, 2018

The Best Things on Etsy | The Sweet Beast

[Favorite Etsy Find: Rug by GUR hangs in our guest room with the Hanna Pink Lamp from CB2]

I was rambling to a friend this week about how it’s so hard to find the good stuff on Etsy these days. There’s just SO MUCH on there – which is great – but the last few times I visited, I got tired of sifting through all the things and gave up. And then I thought that if I’m struggling, maybe everyone is, and maybe I can help by finding and sharing some of my current favorites. Let’s go shopping.

7 Really Good Things On Etsy | The Sweet Beast

Rug by GUR | Monkey’s Fist Earrings | Palisades Grey Mug | Folded Paper Scarf | Sisters Print | Eyes Cushion Cover | Lotta Earrings ]

These picks really represent my top interests in that they are either textiles, earrings, ceramics, ladies, or pillows or combinations thereof. We have the Rug by GUR pictured hanging in our guest room – we just picked up a metal rod at Home Depot and slid it through the sewn edge at the top and attached some string. Magic!

I know the maker behind the Monkey’s Fist Earrings and she is extremely talented, savvy, and thoughtful in everything she does. I have a different pair of her earrings and a big beautiful necklace but have always had my eyes on those mint knot earrings.

The gray glaze on matte gray stoneware on Mud to Life‘s Palisades Grey Mug is so simple and stunning. Speckled ceramic mugs have been my go-to vice but I think I’m ready to embrace some stripes.

I’ve had the Folded Paper Furoshiki handmade scarf in my Etsy favorites for years. They also make a beautifully executed wooden hanging display pole set so you can hang the scarf as wall art.

I purchased a wooden block necklace from Depeapa years ago and am loving her Sisters Print. I am forever drawn to prints depicting women, especially wearing good orange-red lipstick.

Zana Products has such good, clean and fun prints on textiles it was hard to pick just one thing to feature here. Their Eyes Cushion Cover has tassels on the corners and would look so good on my guest bed.

Statement earrings! I can’t get enough of deeeez. And statement earrings that with gold, pink, black and speckles? Dang. Gimme these Lotta Earrings!

Happy Friday, happy shopping.

Hey heads up: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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