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Learning to Love Flowers

July 29, 2013

Until recently, flowers just weren’t my thing. I appreciated the sentiment whenever flowers were given to me but never sought them out. I associated them with their pollen-y scent (you still won’t catch me voluntarily sniffing flowers) and most of all, bugs. It only took one art conservation class in college to convince me that all plants inevitably lead to insect infestations and ruin.

And while I’m still wary of bugs I’ve come to really, seriously, wholeheartedly love flowers. They’re a stylist’s secret weapon and the key to making any room or vignette brighter and cozier. I try to bring fresh flowers into our home every week; just one little bouquet instantly makes our whole apartment a happier, more finished space. Best of all, my sweet husband always comes home with flowers when I’ve had a bad day or when we’re celebrating good news.

If you follow me on Instragram, you know I’ve been gramming tons of flowers lately. I can’t help it, especially since I’ve been bringing home lots leftover flowers from photoshoots. The. Best. Perk. All of the photos above were taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with VSCO Cam.

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