Black Friday Deals I’d Share with Friends

November 23, 2018

Euro pleat curtains

I’ve worked in retail, e-commerce, or e-commerce-adjacent internet for my entire working life. Because of this, I have mixed feelings about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how stressful these events are for the people that put them together and the people that shop them.

That said, I still like a good deal. I found myself combing my email as deals arrived in my inbox, archiving most emails but saving some to check out. And then I found myself sharing specific deals and new products with friends and I thought, maybe I’ll do a post to share deals I’d send or have already sent to my friends.

You’ll see a lot of Black Friday + Cyber Monday deal roundups this weekend, so here is mine also.

My Favorite Home + Personal Care Deals

Food52 Shop Black Friday Deal

[ Double Oven Mitt | Ceramic Match Striker | Steel and Wood Blanket Ladder ]

The Food52 shop is extremely well curated and has become one of my favorite spots to find gifts and kitchen items. We have Farmhouse Pottery Double Oven Mitt in Oatmeal Chambray (that’s the light blue/gray one in the middle) and LOVE it. I highly recommend a double oven mitt because they provide extra protection, are easy to drape over an oven handle, and it’s always easier to find one thing than to find two things.

I’ll take any excuse to buy a pretty ceramic thing so as our candle and palo santo collection grows, a nice looking matchstick holder and striker seemed justifiable. Each Farmhouse Pottery Ceramic Matchstick Holder has grooves on the bottom to act as a striker and comes with a simple glass jar full of matches.

You’ll probably recognize the Steel and Wood Blanket Ladder from both our Guest Bedroom Reveal and the Main Bedroom Reveal. It’s just that great.

Get 20% off $100 with code EXTRAHELPING

Leif Pine & Cypress - My Favorite Winter Candle

[ Pine & Cypress Wood Wick Candle from Leif ]

My favorite winter candle is 20% off through Cyber Monday with code ONCEAYEAR. I love the sound of a wood wick candle – I would probably buy a sound machine if it just made that noise – and this one smells amazing. The Pine & Cypress Botanist Candle is the perfect winter scent with just enough pine and woodiness without smelling like one of tree-shaped car air fresheners. Leif is a great shop all around with a variety of price points and goods makers of all sizes. It’s a great place to find gifts when you remember you should probably be shopping for other people instead of just yourself (this is me talking to me, here).

Record Shelves with Vintage Rug

eCarpetGallery Black Friday Sale

[ Left Top  $397.80 with coupon | Left Bottom $130.20 with coupon | Middle $264 with coupon | Right Top $234 with coupon | Right Bottom $280.80 with coupon ]

The vintage rug in our living room and many others in my home (including the BIG rug in our new main bedroom) are from eCarpetGallery. For Black Friday, they are offering an extra 40% with code EXTRA40. I’ve gathered 5 of my favorites above – I’m am extremely tempted to grab that runner in the middle, please someone else buy it before I do! I find the best things on their site by searching by color – I usually try pink and then blue – or by narrowing down the search by looking for a specific size. I also frequently check their clearance.


[ quip All-Black Metal Toothbrush ]

When I sent this to the first person I knew would care, my friend Marne who already has and loves her quip, she said: “WHY DID YOU SEND THIS TO ME.” And then “Well, it’s been done, I just paid $55 for a goth toothbrush.” I knew I wanted to repeat that experience for as many people as possible, over and over again.

I have a quip and have used it for probably close to 2 years now. The refills are affordable, though I can’t say I can get through the toothpaste fast enough to keep up with the every-3-months refill schedule. I broke my quip and customer service was great – they educated me on how not to break it again and sent me a new one for free.

Bonus good feelings about buying this goth toothbrush – “Every All-Black quip sold will help provide oral care access and education to disadvantaged families in collaboration with the ADA Foundation.”

The All-black quip is not eligible for discounts but if you want to try a regular plastic or metal quip for 20% off orders of $65 or more you can use code GET20.

Euro pleat curtains

[ Oatmeal Check Pillow | Bed | Quilt | Lamp | Nightstand ]

I used Juniper Studio pillows in both of my One Room Challenge bedrooms and I highly recommend them. The quality is excellent and for Black Friday, they are 30% off with code GIVETHANKS now through Monday. I have the Oatmeal Check pillow cover in our main bedroom and the Rose pillow cover in our guest bedroom. Remember that these are just the covers, inserts aren’t included. I used this hypoallergenic pillow insert.

Andy has the above pictured Fellow Stagg EKG+ kettle and he LOVES it. I love it because it looks sooo good. It has variable temperature control, an LCD screen, option to hold temperature and an app (the EKG+ has app access, the regular EKG does not) for extra control. If you’re looking for a kettle but don’t need that fancy pour over spout, they also offer the CORVO EKG with a traditional spout. Fellow is offering 20% off your order + free US shipping on orders over $100 until 11/30, no coupon code required.

My Favorite Fashion Deals

COS is offering 20% off select items until midnight tonight. This is one of my favorite stores for clothes but I almost always wait for a good sale to purchase. Their end of season sales are usually deeper discounts (40-50% off) than what they’re offering today, and with a larger selection, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a few things. COS typically has a quick 14-day return window but it has been extended for the holidays. My experience with COS is that their ship times are quick and they process returns and refunds quickly, which is helpful because I almost always ship a few items back. Some of my favorite sweaters, cardigans, and dresses are from COS. I ordered the Speckled Oversized Cardigan (I already have one I ordered a couple of years ago but I am worried about ever being without it so I ordered another one today) and the Oversized Wool-Blend Cardigan.

Everlane has partnered with the Surfrider Foundation to remove plastic from beaches before it gets into our oceans. “For every order placed, we’re donating $13 to Surfrider to fund beach cleanups across the country. They did the math, and one order will get a pound of plastic off the beach. Our goal: $260,000 (or 20,000 pounds).” I ordered the Easy Chino in Washed Black and Ochre.

A List of More Black Friday Sales:

Happy shopping, bbs.

Hey heads up: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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  • Reply Marti November 24, 2018 at 10:20 am

    I bought that Speckled Oversized Cardigan at the COS store in Chicago last week! I’m glad to have access to their store because I had to try on a lot of things to find the winners for me, but the things I bought I *really* love.

    • Reply thesweetbeast November 24, 2018 at 12:54 pm

      Nice! That cardigan is perfect. Same with me – I always try a ton of stuff knowing only a few things will work but then I wear those things all the dang time. I wish we had a store here but I always go to the one in NY when we visit.

  • Reply Marne November 25, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Even though I’m still mad you told me about its existence, I am very excited to receive my goth toothbrush. <3

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